International Symposia on Chromaffin Cell Biology


16th ISCCB symposium, Beijing, China July 11-15, 2011





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The chromaffin cell from the adrenal medulla is probably the
most studied neuroendocrinecell in the body.There are many
reasons for that. They constitute simple model of stress-transducing
neuronal synapse.Neurotransmitters and modulators are released from
these cells by exocytosis, a mechanism that wasfirst documented in great
detail in chromaffin cells. Chromaffin cell can be obtained in pure form
and in numbers sufficient for biochemical physiological and proteomic
studies. Since chromaffin cells in culture can differentiate into s
ympathetic neurons, they constitute a useful model for neuronal
differentiation. PC12 cells a cell line closely related to the
chromaffin cell, has been used for many years model in
cell signaling across many fields and specialties of
biomedical research


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